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  • Construction of Railways and Rural Development
    • copy of December 1991 letter-proposal to Pias Wingti, C/-National Parliament, Waigani, from Michael R. Pearson
      "...concerning the possibilty of construction railways to help in the reconstruction of Bougainville and improving rural employment there.  PNGRailLetter.pdf [87 k pdf file]
  • Railways and Tramlines of Rabaul 1890s - 1980s
    • Article by Michael R. Pearson, date August 14, 1992
      RABAULTRAM.pdf [157 k pdf file]
  • A Chronology of Tramways and Railways in Papua New Guinea
  • History of Railways in Papua New Guinea
    Book Excerpts by:  Bob McKillop & Michael Pearson; University of Papua New Guinea Press
    • End of the Line:  a history of railways in Papua New Guinea see photos, maps and major excerpts (with footnotes) from the book in Adobe Acrobat PDF format by Bob McKillop & Michael Pearson (originally published in 1997 University of PNG Press Press)
    • German New Guinea 1884 - 1914  New Guinea came under Imperial German administration in 1884. ... " Early lines were built to the rules and limitations of the secondary railways of Germany. Only in 1912 was the code of practice for building and operating colonial railways (the Kolonialeisenbahn Bau-und Betriebsordnung or KBO) laid down...."   
    • see photos German Missionaries on animal drawn rail cart & locomotive
    • Railways In The Australian Territory Of Papua Railways in 19th Century Australian Society - Public utility / nation-building. "Australia has played a dominant influence in shaping Papua New Guinea’s development since the 1880s."
McKillop photo Micahel Pearson at Bruin, PNG

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End of the Line: history of railways in PNG  click to see excerpts and photos