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Obituary for Mr. Kumalau Tawali 1947-2006, reknown Writer · Poet · Scholar · Pastor in Papua New Guinea

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Photo of Kumalau Tawali 1947-2006

[The following is quoted from The National News]

Scholar and poet dies at the age of 59

By JULIA DAIA BORE, for THE NATIONAL TheNational.com.pg

A SCHOLAR and poet Francis Kumalau Tawali has died.

Mr Tawali died of a stroke at his Madang home at l0pm last Friday [Nov.17, 2006].  He was 59 years old.

Mr. Tawali, from Tawi Island, Manus province, was also a former columnist with The National.   His column was titled Eye on the Nation which began in 1994. One of his close friends and associates, Andrew Kwimberi of Kwimberi Lawyers, yesterday described him as a "very powerful" writer.

I remember one of the columns where he talked about private morality and public morality.  It is a challenge to policy makers.

He said to the effect that you cannot live crooked and think straight on issues that affect public good.  What we do in private will no doubt affect our public life.

You cannot separate them, Mr. Kwimberi said of his late friend and mentor.  Mr Tawali was a high school teacher at Manus High School and moved to Port Moresby as a lecturer in literature at the University of PNG in the 1970s.  In 1981, he returned to study where he gained his Master of Arts in Theology from the Regent College in [Vancouver, University of BC Campus] British Columbia in Canada.

He was a lecturer at the Christian Leadership Training College in Banz, Westem Highlands province.  He was also a long serving pastor until 2000 when heretired due to an earlier stoke he suffered in 1996 (from which he recovered fully) and continued his pastoral duties as a Baptist church minister.

Mr Tawali has written and published many poems, short stories and was currently working on two books - one on leadership and the other on his collection of articles written for The National untll his death.

Biographic Sketch
Kumalau Tawali, the Poet / Playwrite / Story Writer-Columnist / Pastor

Photo of Kumalau Tawali 1947-2006

Kumafau Tawali was born in 1947, on the small island of Tawi, in the Manus Province, Papua New Guinea.

His emergence as a writer was recognized in 1969 when he won the National Literature Competition Award for his short story, Breaking the Ear. Since then, he has published several works.

They include two volumes of poerns, two volumes of plays and a collection of short stories called Island Life. Other short stories and poetry have been widely circulated both in PNG and abroad, He is a well-read man who has traveled to several countries. Having graduated from UPNG in 197t, he made a trip around the world. Two of the poems included in this booklet - Winter Clutches and An Eagle - were written when he was in Canada. As an active writer, he has contributed extensively to the creative writers'world in PNG.

He wrote a weekly column called Eye of the Nation for the National - previously called the PNG Times - on Christian Ethics.

He has served as Director of the Institute of PNG Studies and as a Pastor of churches in Port Moresby and Madang.  He had also been a teacher at Christian Leaders'Training College in Banz. Presently, he resides in Madang with his Fijian indian wife Sisilia and two children, Katherine and Timothy.

Note: Mr. Talawi died November 17, 2006 in Mandang.
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