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Introduction to Papua New Guinea Cookbook

By - Brian Amini, Chairman, Port Moresby Communicty Development Group


In 1976, a copy of the Papua New Guinea Cookbook was received by the Port Moresby Community Development Group from the Canadian University Service Overseas.

The cookbook had been compiled and edited by Louise Shelly formerly with the CUSO Field Staff office in Port Moresby. Her reasons for undertaking this task were various. Basically she was disappointed that non-nationals rarely attempted to eat national food readily available in the market place. Europeans were thus missing an interesting part of Papua New Guinea's culture. The result of her work is a fine collection of recipes representative of all areas of Papua New Guinea.

The Port Moresby Community Development Group immediately recognized the value of the book. Not only was it an excellent compilation of national recipes; it was also important to nutritional development in Papua New Guinea. National members of staff suggested a reprinting of the cookbook so that the benefits could be shared throughout the PNG community.

Permission for reprinting was sought and gained from Louise. The Canadian University Service Overseas kindly granted funds to cover the cost of publishing and Wantok Press agreed to handle distribution. Profits from the sale of the cookbook will be used to support the work of the Group within the settlements of Port Moresby. The Group's activities in these areas has continued since 1969 and will continue with community support.

Brian Amini,

Port Moresby Community Development Group.

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  • John Evans, SPCenCIID, South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development, Univeristy of Papua New Guinea

This section is made up of excerpts of Papua New Guinea Cookbook edited by Louise Shelly in 1976, originally published by the Port Moresby Community Development Group, Inc. with funds provided by the Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) ISBN 0869350242.  Distributed by Wantok Publications, Boroko, P.N.G. and printed by Wirui Press, Wewak, E.S.P.

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