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Staff Contact List
Phone & Email

Manager - Bookshop & Publications
John Evans

Operations Manager -
Frank Dunamb

Shop Supervisor
Tobias Mugaso

Accounts and orders
Bona Evura

Motu Matainaho

Project Manager (Publishing)
Andrew Solien

Graphic Artist
Peter Ella

Project Proofreader (Publishing)
Andrew Taram, ebook project proofreader


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Location - look for the sculpture and logo

The Bookshop (founded in 1971) is in the Administration area of the University of Papua New Guinea's Waigani Campus in Port Moresby, close to the Post Office, and ATM (Automated Teller Machine). 
Use the Top Car Park if driving.

News about University Bookshop and Sales Articles Offerings

- May 2006 - Issue 1 - Bookshop News

Print sets of Encyclopedias for home, schools or organizations

Several people have been asking about these - either for themselves, their children or for local schools. The good news is that prices have dropped as we are now designated as being a part of Asia - rather than being tied to the Australian prices.

The 2005 latest 32 volume Encyclopedia Britannica set is now K4500.

Remainder sets are available at K3000. (2only 2002)

The 2005 latest Compton's [encyclopedia] (up to 17/18 age group) is in 26 volumes and is K2255.

As we are registering for GST (the process began way back) we will have to charge that in addition.  To compensate we will give buyers a free version of the CD-ROM (Deluxe version).

We can also provide you with a free short term trial to the online EB version - when arrangements are completed.

For the youngest children we have the 11 vol. Britannica Discovery Library at K190. Individual volumes of the well illustrated Britannica learning library are available for K35.

The large and heavy one volume Britannica Concise Encyclopedia is K160. A bundle of EB Concise and CDROM - plus pocket dictionary can be had for K250!! - Normal price K290.

We have finally located supplies of Encarta so these will be joining the ranks soon. Almost every other available English language encyclopedia on CDROM is either here or on the way.

Please ensure these resources get to under resourced schools.


Erratic supply of stationery has been a problem to students. To solve this we now have put the following arrangements in place:-

UPNG Writing pads - We are having UPNG pads produced by a local printing firm - the design is by our graphic artist.

In our survey Theodist turned up as the most popular supplier for students. Favourable arrangements have been made with Theodist for next day delivery of items at a good discount - this means we can offer the same wide range of items as Theodist at the same price -in general - at a few hours notice. It means that organizations can get a wide range of books and the other items they need at this shop.

While glitches can be expected (owing to slow payments, say) - it will mean that most things you need will either be available in the shop or be on their way.


As you may be aware all Bookshop positions were done away with in the mid 1990s when the bookshop ended up in private hands. Staff have been employed on a casual basis - and given this their dedication and hard work (in the majority of cases) has been commendable. A proper structure has now been created and we hope the advertisements will appear very soon.

- November - 2005 - Issue 1 - Bookshop News

Data - The website address is now This will also shortly have a link to the re-launched UPNG Press catalogue. Copies of the catalogue can be obtained form Peter Ella. The information will also go to Nielsen Book Data so the book trade is aware of this output once more.

The stock-list is now updated on a monthly basis on Excel. Contact Bona for a copy.

MYOB has been installed so that inventory control and invoicing is automated. Equipment inventory has also been completed.



Books have come in at last from Crawford Book House - with some interesting PNG and Pacific titles.

Collection of Government Reports is extended - unfortunately many Parliamentary papers are now very short! Copies of new laws will be available as approved by Parliament. .

Some unusual CD-ROMs are also available for sale in single copies - when they are gone there will be no more.

The bookshop will be stocking educational CD-ROMs (and DVDs) from Encyclopaedia Britannica and Topics (a major media producer in US)



Computer Hire Service has been introduced.

CD-ROMs are available for use on these computers (which are pre-loved not new) - a list will be available shortly. You can test a CD product before buying.

We will provide copies of a wide range of public domain CD-ROMs on HIV-AIDS at a low per copy cosy of K10 to enable groups and individuals to be better informed on this complex issue.


Sources of supply

Staff may find the following relevant - especially in the light of comments in the Webster report.

In 2002 and 2003 the Bookshop used a trading company in Singapore and this resulted in high prices - especially when freight was included - and a disconnection with the book trade itself. The Bookshop was also prone to ordering a large number of copies - hard to shift at the prices paid. While this trading company is still active in PNG we have been avoiding it!!

In 2004 we mainly bought from Australia - direct from publishers or their distributors. This has improved considerably on discounts but as we needed to re-establish direct links with the trade a lot of time has been involved plus some trail and error. The trade has gone through considerable changes with outside interests moving in a big way. Staff change is rapid and knowledge sometimes questionable.

However in 2004 we did begin to access high quality data to enable price comparisons to be made. We also have data on Indian prices. Experience cheaper book producing countries with the second hand and remainder market has been gained. The volume of such orders has increased in 2005 and is beginning to make an impact on stock.

Except for Australian published titles buying from Australia results in higher prices and as experience indicates poor service. As a result of our ability to find the lowest price from a number of countries in future we will use wholesalers in UK and US who have on-line fulfilment capacities. We will also have nominated freight forwarders so we can have more input into cost and speed of shipping. If we use sea freight there is unlikely to be any mark up to prices for freight.

We are always pleased to discuss the implications this may have with students and staff.

****** end of November Issue 1 News ******

- October 2005 -

Opening hours
Bookshop is now open 9-1 on Saturdays for a trial period to assist those who have limited access during working hours. It also opened later to cater for Conference visitors.

New stock list available
- There is now an up-to-date stock list on Excel. You can request a copy. This shows almost 2000 different titles now available. We hope to push that up to 4000 by early next year.

Post cards
- We now have a range of 30+ PNG postcards from the Wirui Press in Wewak.

Web page - A basic web page for the Bookshop will appear on - which is what you are now reading from.

Tertiary Press
More of these popular TAFE sector computing and management books have arrived. Please request a listing.

ODN Conference - There will be some special offers in association with the Oceania Development Network Conference.

Student Book Allowances  
As of 14th October there is some K28,000 in unspent book allowances. We will acquit to OHE at the close of semester this year to ensure prompt release of funds next year. Stucdents should therefore ensure they have got what they need - or have made arrangements to see it is ordered. Balances can be checked at the bookshop counter.

As excellent suggestions and ideas have come in from students the Bookshop would be very pleased to have further suggestions from students on what is needed for next year - as staff are some times too busy. Groups can send a nominated representative to see the Manager - or individuals can leave a note with staff and then call in and discuss.

For older news-notes click news archives

Waigani Bookshop Contact details:  Adresses / Phone / Email

  • (675) 3267375  (Manager)
  • (675) 3267284  (Publishing)
  • (675) 3267675  (Shop - Bookshop Main Phone)
  • Fax  -  (675) 3267368
  • E-mail

University Book Shop
PO Box 320,
University PO,
Papua New Guinea 134

News-Archives about the University Bookshop

Available in Bookshop -- September 2005

1001 Papua New Guinean Nights - Folktales from Wantok Nisupaper - collected by TH Slone. Masalai Press, 2004.

Two huge volumes sells at Kina equivalent of US$ price of $85.(K310 inc GST) Four copies only - with more on way by slow boat.

A series of diglot versions of these stories will be published by the UPNG Press at an affordable price. Ten volumes are planed initially.

Institute of Pacific Studies USP
After a year of trying we now have almost all titles ranging from the well known Lo Bilong Yumi Yet to the more esoteric String Figures of Nauru

Local PNG Publications

Books by local expatriate worthy Noel Williams

Management in Papua New Guinea - Mismanagement or bad management K22 (launched 8th September)

Construction in PNG - K30

Barakau Hanua - already in stock

We have yet to catch up on the latest from Sir Paulius - launch of 9th November.

Government Publications

We are attempting to increase coverage of these materials which are hard to access in terms of staff time.

UN Convention against Corruption - copies at K3 - useful for essays

NCDC Investigation Report 2000 - very few copies at K50

Withdrawal of powers, functions, and finances from Western (Fly River) - National Management Team Report and Ministerial Statement - 2 bound together - very few copies at K20

Report of the Royal PNG Constabulary Administrative Review Committee - New Stock now available - K50 each

Annual Reports - These are often requested for student projects we have little to show as yet.

Some useful books-publications reference catalogs:  UK, USA, Australia, International Antiquarian Bookseller

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  • Special Hard to Find / Out of Print PNG Book Excerpts Web Publishing Project
    Papua New Guinea: The Challenge of Independence, © 1980, by Mark Turner
    This is a new project to republish, with authors permission some useful reference materials that are now very hard to find in print. [2006.08.24]

Project staff

Mr. Andrew Taram, UPNG Bookshop Proofreader

Personal Information

  • Marital status:  single [as of 2006.08.29]
  • Age:  24
  • Nationality:  Papua New Guinean
  • Place of Birth:  Rabual, East New Britain Province
  • Home Province:  New Ireland


  • Obtained secondary school certificate - Manggai High School, New Ireland Province (1996-1999)
  • Obtained higher school certificate - Namatanai Secondary, New Ireland Province (2000-2001)
  • Obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and English Communication (2005) - University of Papua New Guinea

Interests and Activities

As a graduate in Literature and English Communication it is my aim to pursue a career in Literature that can fully utilize my capabilities, and also contribute to the development of PNG Literature in general.
As part of my social enrichment, I spend time socializing with people of different backgrounds and culture in order to learn new ideas and generally new experience in life.
My hobbies are reading, playing sports, hanging out with friends and learning more about my cultural traditions.

Work Experience

Currently I am attached with the University Bookshop as a proofreader.

Contact address: University of P.N.G. Bookshop


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