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The University of Papua New Guinea now offers a wide range of new and used books and pubications through its open campuses and franchise network at buy books bookshops

N E W S  &  A N N O U N C E M E NT S

  • Book2Buk2 - The concatenation continues 17th 18th August 2010, UPNG Waigani Campus, Main Lecture Theatre "Celebrating 40 odd years of bookselling at UPNG"
  • Event Report for Book2Buk 11th - 12th August, 2008 UPNG Waigani Campus, by: John Evans. Manager UPNG Press and Bookshop (nb 230 k pdf file)
  • Article:  Publishing ‘Homegrown’ Papua New Guinea Books, by: Edward P. Wolfers, CSM CMG Professor of Politics, Univ. Wollongong, Australia
  • B o o k 2 B u k  - Talking about PNG Books 11th-12th August 2008  - UPNG Waigani Campus
  • Book2Buk2008[1].doc conference topics schedule
    Theme - "Books:  Sources of information, inspiration and education"
    Goal - To celebrate and advance the role of books in preserving the heritage of Papua New Guinea
    This meeting is being run in association with the 2008 Waigani Seminar by UPNG Press and Bookshop.
    Contact email:  John Evans at UPNG Bookshop.
  • List of 1967 - 1997 Waigani Seminars   WaiganiSeminars1967-97list_published.pdf note active web url links in 176k pdf document

Read THE READING HABIT - a missing link between literacy and libraries [141 kb pdf file]

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  • is a related project sponsored under the same initiative.  This web site has some of the most comprehensive information on the non-governmental-organisations (NGOs) working in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and also provides a hosting service for NGOs presently unable to design and host their own sites.
  • is a web site promoting the PNG Province of Manus.

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baby on shoulders of father - youth of Papua New Guinea

CLICK FOR FULL PHOTO OF QUADRANGLE ENTRANCE - Tony Tore, playing bagpipes welcoming WAIGANI SEMINAR 2008 participants at Univerristy of Papua New Guinea

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