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  • THE READING HABIT - A MISSING LINK BETWEEN LITERACY AND LIBRARIES - by Angela Phillip, Dept of Extension Studies, University of Papua New Guinea [circa 1992] 140 pdf file
    Abstract: It is argued that there is little point in putting energy i nto teaching literacy if there is no follow-up programme to establish reading habits.  The U.P.N.G. Extension Studies Book Programme has highlighted three needs in relation to this: 1) the need to take the books to the people rather than waiting for the people to come to the books, 2) the need to provide books that are easy enough for people to enjoy, and 3) the need for ongoing commitment to the programme. It is argued that the the reading habit is not only a missing link between literacy and libraries, but it is a link so vital that at every level from village to university the people in PNG are drastically underachieving in their daily work.

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