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Waigani Seminar 2008 - AUGUST 13th-15th 2008 - UNPG
Download 7 meg pdf poster

  • Theme: Living History & Evolving Democracy in Papua New Guinea
  • Complementary Themes:
    • The Constitution and the Law, Land Tenure and Land Values
    • Dynamic interaction, bureaucratic inertia, reactive and proactive pathways within the three tiers of government
    • Climate Change, global warming and environmental impact upon sovereign waters and lands
    • Globalisation and Telecommunication
    • The e-Economy: Kina currency; HIV-AIDS health, education and stigmatisation; other human; natural and material resources within the sovereign jurisdiction
  • Contact:  Ms. Dimas Belik, Seminar Secretariat, Waigani Campus (next to MLT)
    Tel: (675) 326 7694/174  |  Fax: (675) 326 7107 &nbs;| Email:

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